The Six Initiative is an NGO founded by our Chief Hustler, Katie Byrne and supported by a team of dedicated trustees and partners.

Six champions young women with ideas, dreams and passions. The initiative gives budding young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities, access to opportunities, female leaders, expertise and support from across the South East. Introducing SIX:





12 mentors are matched with 12 mentees and take part in a formal programme of organised events over the six month period. The schedule includes mentoring, workshops, networking, team building and creative exercises.

SIX is aimed at young women. The class and glass ceiling is very real. This makes it twice as hard for women from less advantageous backgrounds to carve out their career or bring their dreams to life. 🙋

We're currently raising funds via crowdfunding: and looking to raise
£5, 000 to pay for the following:

📍 A space for us to call home for our workshops

📘 Stationary and supplies for workshops

📣  Our launch - recruit leaders, young women and promote our NGO

🚂  Transportation

👭  One team building event for mentors and mentees

🍜  Gotta keep everyone fuelled!

🔏  Insurance and other important admin

📰  BRUCEY BONUS! 🎉  If we have enough funds left we’d like to use the experience to create and publish a beautiful magazine to help us raise more funds for the young people taking part.

Our volunteer organising committee will be investing their love, dedication, time and expertise into this new initiative and we'd love your support to help create the next generation of confident, kind and kick-ass young women.

With love and huge high fives 💪 👏 👋