Let's do different

When we say we were born to make a difference, we genuinely believe that. After several years advising non-profits on their social, PR and brand strategies in a pro-bono capacity, founder, Katie, started chatting to small businesses via her role as Global Head of Social Media at tech giant, Xero.

She discovered that SMEs want to do more to support their community and commit to investing in social responsibility. Their challenge?

As with all SMEs - time is precious. Time, resource, expertise and the capacity to invest their energy into another cause while nurturing their own dream; their business.

So we decided to design a solution; The Department of Sharing. We don’t just take on a new business and manage their social and content, we tailor our services to their needs - including, our innovative Social Accelerator Programme which builds capability in businesses, creating experts in-house.

We provide workshops, online courses, the Social Accelerator Programme and personalised training for leadership teams. Our sister brand Zest the Agency, is your one-stop shop for full social account management.


Our Mission

Every client has the opportunity to nominate a non-profit organisation to join a workshop of their choice and will receive a Sharing Kit to help promote their generosity and support of a local charity.

Running an agency with the social enterprise model is at the heart of what we do, and we’d love you to join us on our journey.

We want to be part of the crowd creating sustainable, collaborative communities that help build a stronger and stable economy.

Big vision, right? But in the words of the famous blue and white striped supermarket: “Every Little Helps.”

We support and champion SMEs who wanna be the best and we nurture the non-profits that sit alongside them in the community.
— Katie Byrne, Founder and Director of The Department of Sharing